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Which type of products is being offered on is basically a wholesale distributor in all types of electronic appliances, so we are selling electrics appliances like TV, Fridge, AC, Gas appliances, Mobile gadgets, Computer gadgets etc. on our website. We are continuously expanding our area of operations by inducting reliable & trustworthy sellers in our community, so that we can accomplish our motto of selling everything on discount, throughout the year, to our customers.

How the quality & price guaranteed in

As, we are the wholesaler so we buy our products in bulk, from the producing company so due to bulk purchasing, we get the best price from the company. As we get the benefit of economies of scale, so also give the same benefit to our customers as well. Producing company standardizes its quality, so we can also give quality & price guarantee to our customers. We ensure our customers that we deliver maximum available quality in the market at the lowest possible price.

What will do to give maximum satisfaction to the customer?

As everyone, who wants to buy anything, he expects basically these following 05 things:

  • Best Quality of product, which he wishes to buy.
  • The lowest price of that product.
  • Timely availability of your entire ordered product.
  • Convenience in buying that product.
  • Easy return is possible if you change your mind later on.

We in focus on all the above 05 things to give them to our customers, so that shopping on will be a great & wonderful experience for our customers. This is how we deliver maximum satisfaction & utility of the purchased product, to our valuable customers.

How can I buy anything from

If you like any product on, you can go to its product page and click on add to cart and then click on the cart to checkout. You can check the price and delivery charges with the total amount, you need to pay, to buy your desired product. Once you press the checkout button then, please give the required information so that we can be delivered you purchased the product at your home. You can select multiple options of payment; choose the most convenient mode of payment to buy that product. And after buying that product, if you don’t like the product or change your mind later on then you may return that bought product.

What if I changed my mind after purchase or don’t like to buy the product from

Off course this may happen, in order to give maximum satisfaction & utility to our customers, team gives easy, quick & free return option to our customer. You may return the product within 7 days after the product is delivered at your doorstep. This option is free and no amount will be deducted, if you return the delivered product in the same condition, as delivered.

How can I return the product, after I purchased it from

If you buy anything from and later you don’t want to buy it, due to any reason, then you may return that product. For this, you must fulfill the requirements of the return & refund policy. After fulfilling the requirements, you need to fill the return form and return courier charges need to be paid by the customer, which can also be adjusted from the price of the product, whatever you choose in filling the return form. Our courier partner will come to your location and take that product back to our warehouse. Your payment will be refunded to your bank account or through Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash, which will be as per your opinion.

How can I get a refund of my money, if I return any product, purchased from

Once you returned the product, it will be delivered back to our warehouse located in Lahore. Then after inspection, we will call you to confirm about your refund form and options selected to refund your payment. You can select various options, available in the refund form, to get back your refund amount. We will deliver your refund amount, as per your choice.

Where is the warehouse of located?

As we are a wholesale distributor but we only provide delivery from our main warehouse located in Abid Market, Lahore. All the deliveries are made from Abid Market, Lahore.

Can I sell on

Yes, of course, any seller, who can give a premium quality product at the lowest possible price, then he may contact us to sell his product on, free of cost. In order to give maximum benefit to our customers, we will not charge any commission. Here in we have the motive to give the best, we can, to our customers.